CRIC- Centre de Recerca i Innovació de Catalunya S.A.- (SPAIN) MARIMATECH (Denmark) Net Technologies (Greece) Prodevelop (SPAIN)
Runcom (Israel) Port of Cork (Ireland) ASCAMM-CTAE (SPAIN) VTT (technical Research Centre of Finland) / Finland

The main goals of the DockingAssist project

  • Design and implement a novel Wireless Network. The system will be tested demonstrating that the network supports at least 100 users and covers the entire navigation port area and proximities.
  • Development of a Software Platform, which will be in charge of managing and controlling the DockingAssist system from the base station, gathering and recording all the position data from the vessels. This software will have precise GIS analysis capabilities, showing the position of the vessels, and including alarm warnings.
  • Implement new differential techniques in a harbour scenario, with the most suitable receivers, installing a base station in the port and locating a receiver in a vessel, and carrying out an extensive number of tests in different situations and weather conditions.
  • Integration, validation and system demonstration in a realistic harbour scenario.