DockingAssist Project - Press Release

A final communication confirming the objectives of the DockingAssist solution, its features and benefits has been published and sent to...


DockingAssist Demonstration at Port of Cork

The project final demonstration was successfully performed at Port of Cork, 9/10/2013. All the objectives have been achieved and verified.


Finalist of the European Projects Awards 2013 (ongoing project category)

The DockingAssist project has taken part in the competition of the European Projects Awards 2013. It ranked 1st in the...


Interview in "Economia i empresa - Catalunya Ràdio"

Josep Perello: interview in the "Catalunya Ràdio" about the project DockingAssist (from minutes 13:16).



The 10th Workshop on Positioning, Navigation and Communication 2013 (WPNC'13)

ITT (Josep and Lei) attended the 10th Workshop on Positioning, Navigation and Communication 2013 (WPNC'13) takes place in Dresden, Germany,...


Interview of the Blaumarí Programme

Josep Perelló attended a interview of the Blaumarí Programme in relation to the project DockingAssist in the 17 of February, 2013. He...


DockingAssist project brochure

The DockingAssist project brochure has been developed.


DockingAssist Video

The project video has been developed. It has been posted on the homepage of the project website and also uploaded to YOUTUBE.


DockingAssist Online Survey

This objective of the DOCKINGASSIST online survey is to collect the necessary information of the vessels positioning/navigation systems that...


DockingAssist Project Logo

Several logos have been developed for the DockingAssit project, according to the poll result of the consortium, we finally confirm the project...


Port of Cork

More photos can be downloaded after you login download link.