Port of Cork (Ireland)

The Port of Cork Company is the principal multi-modal cargo port on the south coast of Ireland and is the second largest port in the Republic. As such, the port is a strategic asset and is a key link in the supply chain of industry in the south and southwest regions. In 2009, freight throughput was circa 8 million tonnes, 19 per cent of the Republic’s volumes. All vessel types call at Cork, container, cruise liners, oil tankers, ro-ro ships and bulk carriers. The mission statement of the Port of Cork Company is to promote and develop Cork as a World Class Port facilitating the efficient and environmentally sustainable movement of goods and people to and from the marketplace while advancing the marine leisure opportunities presented by Cork's natural harbour. The port is involved in training and simulation in cooperation with the National Maritime College of Ireland. It is also involved in training in the use of Azipods and general ship handling.